Tell me one thing? How often have you read that short sentence “This Changes Everything“? On a sales page or in an email?

If you’re on a number of online marketers’ lists, I reckon you’ll be hard pressed to quote a reasonably correct number, right?

Nonetheless – I take the words, I put them in my mouth and I utter them in the headline of this very first post on this new blog. And I do so without wanting to sell anything to you.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself – as I’m often guilty of doing.

So, let me start over.


Hello there, and welcome to my humble place – at least, when I’m writing this, it is humble.

I’m Morten L. Nielsen, and I’ve been dabbling unsuccesfully in a (very, very) diverse number of online marketing stuff for too many years. You know the type – never really focused on anything but the latest shiny object. Not capable of listening to or taking advice from the few well-meaning individuals on my way.

Always a plausible excuse up the sleeve as to exactly why I didn’t have the success I obviously (obviously!) deserved to have. And always an external excuse – never me, of course. I didn’t have to change at all.

Long story short – you wouldn’t want to read that dark, negative story anyway. It’s depressing, is what it is. Long story short – things happened in my life that damn well forced me to revise everything. It wasn’t a pretty process, let me tell you. But, eye-opening it definitely was.

And the message left from that process, screamed at the top of my lungs was this:

Focus changed, for sure. So much so, that I started seeing some success with stuff I had determined earlier didn’t work.

So, I started seeing some cash roll into my affiliate accounts – nothing life-changing in itself, but enough to put a different light into my eyes. This was possible, after all. All I had to do was…

Well, what did I have to do?

I took a look around. Online. Took a long, thorough look at successful people. At people launching products. At succesful affiliate marketers. Etc. And, to be honest, I didn’t quite like what I saw. I saw people launching half measures, not quite finished software, shiny objects. And I saw even more people peddling these products as The Next Big Thing.

And I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t see myself doing that. There was simply too big a divide between what I had to do – and who I am deep down. This was definitely not the answer. I felt I had to redefine also what success meant to me.

So, I looked deeper. I took a big, hard look at people I actually look up to in the world of online marketing.

And I looked at some of their courses again. A lot of hard truths in this part of the process, I can tell you. I could easily have torn myself down with regrets as to all that stuff I never followed through. But at the same time, I felt something stir underneath it all.

And I found – that I needed 3 things to traverse down the path that lay before me: focus, consistency… and help.

I’ve been offered help before – but I see now, I’ve been too arrogant, too self-centered for this help to be of any effect. (And I sincerely apologize to those who offered said help – it wasn’t you… it was me)

And once these thoughts had crystalized – there was actually only one place to go:

John Thornhill’s Partnership 2 Success program – with its impressive rate of success. With so many truly gifted people seeing their success through going through this program. With the full force of John’s impeccable ethics behind it all. (And of course, with Randy Smith as the trusty henchman on the sidelines 🙂 )

Executive Summary: I signed up for Partnership 2 Success. I have vowed solemnly to myself to follow this through, to let this be the change I want to see in myself. (Sidenote: I tried telling myself, I should have done this years ago – the sad answer is: no, I wasn’t ready then. I am now!)

Which is why I’m here now, writing this very first post on this new blog. Because the very first thing, the very foundation of Partnership 2 Success is setting up a blog, and start posting to it. And never look back.

Which is what I intend to do. I’m excited to get going.

And you, dear reader, can follow along on my journey, as it will all be documented on this very page. So, I hope you tag along.

Be seeing ya’

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