So more or less the whole raison d’etre for this blog being a thing at all, is me signing up for John Thornhill’s Partnership 2 Success program.

So, I thought, why not do a semi-regular series of posts, examining what exactly I get out of being a part of this – and what you could too, should you choose to join.

Before I get to the nitty-gritty of the assignments I get as part of the program, one thing I most certainly will get out of it will be a much better focus than what I have had earlier on. And I guess that, and the fact that the program simply gets you doing stuff instead of pondering (or fretting) about all manner of things, will be what will eventually mean the difference between failure (as I’ve had my fair share of) and success (here we come).

Let’s see in a few weeks time, if my prediction is correct, shall we – keep coming back for more 😉

Day 1 – Hit The Road Running

Each day of the program is organized into an introduction video followed up by a number of instruction videos.

When first hit by day 1 right after signup… well, it seems huge. There are 8 (eight) videos in there and just browsing through the topics, it seems impossible to do this in a relatively short period of time.

The thing is… it’s not 🙂

The videos are short, to the point, and informative, and no one should feel confused and in doubt of exactly which actions to take after watching each one.

And after going through day one, I went from nothing to having a fully functional WordPress site (I did have domain-name and hosting already, but that would have been taken care of too), complete with a first post written and published.

Also, graphics for the blog had been ordered, and a book recommended by John was ordered at the public library.

Day 2 – Dressing Up

Day 2 is even bigger than day 1, with 11 videos to go through.

But after having already experienced and survived day 1, I wasn’t nearly as daunted by what was in store for me.

This day was spent taking the standard off-the-shelf blog created the day before, and doing some customization work to make it more of a personal thing.

This included getting hold of and installing OptimizePress (a combined page-builder and theme), switching to the OptimizePress Smart Theme, uploading the graphics and other behind-the-scene stuff.

Then, on to writing the “About Me” page, creating the top menu and finally reading a great WordPress/Blogging book by Dan Sumner called Bloggers Roadmap.

Quite a lot can be done in a couple of hours

Day 3 – Rest day (sort of)

After the big achievements of the first 2 days, with a quite nice-looking blog already up and running, day 3 was one of learning instead of doing.

The “only” thing to do on this day was watching a really good webinar by John and Randy about blogging, containing many great tips and insights into the art of blogging.

Day 4 – Start writing…

With all the great information from both the Bloggers Roadmap book and the webinar from day 3 whirling around inside my brain, day 4 had a “simple” assignment:

Write your first detailed blog post. (I perhaps did cheat a little here, since the blog post I wrote on day one was quite extensive in itself 😉 )

So, I went at it and came up with this post – a semi-rant as it turns out (one of the things Randy suggested in the webinar).

By now, I’m beginning to see all the years of experience from John and Randy that has gone into structuring this training. Everything fits nicely together, none of the tasks are giant leaps but when put together, a lot is achieved without making it seem like it when actually doing the work.

Day 5 – Finalizing the blog (for now)

Day 5 is spent doing some final, important steps to make the blog ready for what it will be used for in the coming months.

Things like installing plugins to take care of spam and create legal pages. Putting GDPR-relevant notices on the pages. Introducing the very first “money-link”.

And ending the day with a couple of instructional videos about using images and videos in blog posts.

Again, in this step-by-step fashion that makes things as approachable as going for a walk in the countryside.

I’m really digging this program so far, and I am actually starting to see how much I will be able to achieve just in these first 60 days of instruction… and how much I will then be able to achieve in the coming months after getting this kind of foundation to build upon…

The sky is the limit.

Interested in seeing for yourself what the Partnership 2 Success program can do for you? Get on the webinar by clicking the image below.

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